An efficient method to solve the problem of homogenization of physical properties of heterogeneous media, such as dielectric permittivity, is the implementation of numerical solutions, before estimating the effective properties by spatial average of the solution. The input data is a 3D binary volume or a 2D binary image of the studied sample. The proposed method is taken from the work of [Moulinec and Suquet, 1994] [Moulinec and Suquet, 1998], then [Eyre and Milton, 1999], and [Delarue and Jeulin, 2002]. It consists, knowing the structure of a material as well as the properties of its constituents, of determining the macroscopic equivalent dielectric constant ε*. The calculation uses a formulation based on Fast Fourier Transform to solve the equations of electrostatics in a heterogeneous medium. This method is the one implemented in [Jeulin, Moreaud, 2006]. It is necessary to install the redistribution libraries of Microsoft visual studio 2019 64 bits (x64), for the module to work (see link below).


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20201203: addition of configurable stop criteria (handling of oscillating solutions).
20200507: code acceleration.
20200403: added support for 2D binary images.


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