The bilateral filter plays a key role in image processing applications due to its intuitive parameterization and its high quality filter result, smoothing homogeneous regions while preserving the edges of the objects. Considering the image as a topological relief, seeing pixel intensities as peaks and valleys, we introduce a way to control the tonal weighting coefficients, the flowing bilateral filter, reducing "halo" artifacts typically produced by the regular bilateral filter around a large peak surrounded by two valleys of lower values.

This plugin is a CPU-based implementation. See below for the 3D implementation using GPU with CUDA librairy.

If you use this plugim, please cite : M. Moreaud, F. Cokelaer, Flowing Bilteral Filter : Definition and Implementations, Image Analysis & Stereology, v. 34, n. 2, p. 101-110, june 2015.

Major update 20211115 : fixed a bug that drastically improves the filter results.


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