Defined in 1985 by Michel Jourlin, the LIP Model (Logarithmic Image Processing) is a mathematical and physical framework dedicated to image processing. First defined as a framework adapted to images acquired in transmitted light, the interest of using LIP operators in a reflected light model has then been established.
The LIP model is based on the transmittance law. The addition law of the LIP model can be represented as the « addition » of two obstacles placed between a source and a sensor. From this addition law, LIP subtraction and LIP multiplication have been defined.
Since, many applications have been developped around these basic operators : LIP contrasts, LIP interpolation, LIP metrics, …
This plugin proposes the application of some basic operators between two images : LIP addition/subtraction, LIP additive contrast and LIP interpolation.
The LIP contrast can be used to compare two images independently of their exposure time and/or source intensity variations.
The LIP interpolation between two images can be used to create an intermediate image depending on an ajustable weight to favor one image or the other.
For more information, see the following paper.


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