This plugin provides a model for the generation of multiscale microstructures with ellipsoid primary grains on the basis of the Cox-Boolean model. This model integrates principles of stochastic geometry and Boolean operations to simulate complex microstructural arrangements.
The model allows to generate microstructures with spherical aggregates of ellipsoids with controlled size distribution and precise control of the size distribution and anisotropy of the ellipsoid grains, both inside and outside the aggregated portion of the microstructure.
At its core, the model starts with an initial set of ellipsoidal primary grains randomly distributed within a defined volume. These primary grains represent the fundamental building blocks of the microstructure and possess attributes such as size, shape, orientation, and spatial distribution. The Cox Boolean model mimics the stochastic evolution of the microstructure using Boolean operations such as intersection and union. Through successive iterations of these operations, the model generates intricate structures characterized by diverse morphologies and hierarchical arrangements.

This module has been used by the EUROKIN consortium (see link below) to study the impact of grain anisotropy in a microstructure on the textural properties of the porous network. EUROKIN is a consortium of industrial and academic members founded in 1998. It's goal is to implement best practices in the field of chemical reaction kinetics, especially in an industrial environment.

A SAXS data analysis module based on this microstructure model is also available (see link below).


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