M-Tortuosity descriptor accelerated by IPSDK library, Reactiv'IP.

This plugin requires Python environment 3.8 with numpy, pandas, black and mypy.
This plugin requires installation of the IPSDK library (see link below).
Install IPSDK library and follow Python installation instructions.
Once installed, IPSDKInstallDir should be set as environment variable.

Note : check and correct the path of Anaconda in mtortuosity.bat (location: PlugIns\IPSDKmtortuosity\).

If you use this module, please cite (see also M-Tortuosity standard module):
Chaniot J., Moreaud M., Sorbier L., Fournel T. and Becker J.-M. (2019). "Tortuosimetric operator for complex porous media characterization", Image Analysis & Stereology 38(1) :25-41

Update 20220425: minor bug corrections.
Update 20220329: optimization allowing a processing time saving of a factor x40 for volumes (500x500x500) and x20 for large volumes (1000x1000x1000) compared to the standard version.

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