Workshop: Artificial intelligence and electron microscopy - State of the art and prospects

A workshop on artificial intelligence and its usage with electron microscopy ( ) was held on May 23 in Paris, at the Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques laboratory of the Université Paris Cité. This day of exchange, with 4 invited lectures and 11 presentations, brought together over 160 people in face-to-face and distance learning sessions. Organized by IFPEN, LEM-ONERA, MPQ and IPCMS, as part of the ANR ARTEMIA project, it provided an opportunity to take stock of the booming use of deep learning (DL) in electron microscopy at national level. IFPEN presented its current work on nanoparticle classification (with LEM ONERA), noise reduction in high-resolution images (with LCR CARMEN ), tomographic volume segmentation with very little annotated data (with LHC and Michelin) and atomic quantification (with MPQ).