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IFPEN provides its internal signal and image processing platform for those who want the most advanced features combined with a simple and understandable user interface.

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Simple interface for advanced and state-of-the-art algorithms from the industrial and academic worlds.

plug im ! algorithm

S. Drouyer et al., Sparse Stereo Disparity Map Densification using Hierarchical Image Segmentation. 13th International Symposium, ISMM 2017, pp.172-184, Mathematical Morphology and Its Applications to Signal and Image Processing

plug im ! simple design is the feedback
from over 7 years usage
by "non experts" of signal and image processing

Visualize in a few simple ways the result of processing operations

plug im ! runs on Windows 10, 8, 7

Windows 10 compatible
Windows 8 compatible
Windows 7 compatible

Create new plugins using your favorite programming language C, C++, C#, java, Fortran... or prototyping software

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